Review: eShakti

Plus size dress shopping can honestly be a nightmare sometimes. Too big in some place, too small in others. Too short, too long, shows off too much, doesn’t have sleeves when I want them or vice versa. All in all, I often finish shopping feeling more discouraged than excited about a new buy. So when a friend told me about eShakti, a site that customizes its clothing to the customer and is available in a large range of sizes I had to give it a go. I ordered two customized dresses. Here’s how it went. eshakti-logo1.jpg

I started by browsing eShakti’s large catalog of options to determine print and cut. Once I found two dresses I totally loved, I was taken to another page where I could make my adjustments. There are two options on eShakti, ordering the dress as-is from predetermined sizes or adding on a $10 charge to input your own measurements and have the dress tailor-made to you. I went with the second option and hunted down a tape measure to get all my measurements. 

After that you can select cosmetic changes for the clothing. I was impressed by all the customization options available. I could pick out neck line, sleeve length, where I’d like the skirt to fall, and more. Once you create an eShakti account, it will remember your measurements, which was helpful when I went to order my second dress. 

eshakti white dress.jpgeshakti black dress.jpg

Once I placed my order, the website warned me that shipping can often take longer than the normal clothing brands and I was asked if I had a date I need the dresses by. I typed in the day before I was planning to leave for a friend’s wedding and sent my order off to their offices in India. (Note: If you do need the dress before a certain date, I would suggest giving yourself a little leeway and putting a couple days before you absolutely need it in case any issues occur.)

When I unpacked the dresses, you could tell from the fabric and stitching that it was good quality and would last more than a month or two. I tried them both on and was pleasantly surprised. They fit almost perfectly and were the exact right length. I say almost perfectly, because there was some extra room in the bust area, but I think that may be a user error when I was measuring. 

Other than that, both dresses completely lived up to my expectations, they were light and comfortable to wear, and I got a ton of compliments. Plus, all of eShakti’s dresses come with pockets which automatically makes them my favorites (they can be removed in the adjustment portion of ordering if you’re a psychopath that doesn’t want pockets). 

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