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Hello Beauties! Okay, I’ve been eyeing this blue dress since it first came out at Old Navy! My sweet sister and I went shopping in-store and we both tried on the white version of this dress which is also amazing! She ended up buying the white one and I got the navy blue! I could not love this dress more for summer. It’s lightweight and makes me feel amazing. 

The Detail:

The detail all over this dress makes me so happy! It’s beautiful embroidering goes all the way down the dress. It also has two sets of tassels strings. I saw on the old navy website that the model had one set tied and one set hanging! Tried it and it was great! Also this dress is red, white and blue so it makes a great 4th of July outfit. 


Gold Sandals:

As a mom of a 3 year old I need to have practical options. I wore these to church to chase her around and they worked perfectly with the dress, gold watch, and necklace. (They are an old Target shoe, but find a similar pair here.


Add Wedges:

Now, when I do not need to be chasing and can get dressed up and add some heels, I DO IT! These Steve Madden wedges are super tall and match great! I love the cork heel, I think it adds a pop to the outfit! 


Gold Accents:


After adding the gold shoes, I was very excited to accessorize. That, by the way, is my favorite part. I think the little details can make an outfit. I added some jewelry and it gave that pop of flare I needed! I recommend keeping it simple and letting the details of the dress be the main focus.

Love this Find:

OKAY so, if you put your email into Old Navy you get 30% off right now! Needless to say I went overboard and will have another post soon on my Old Navy dress haul. I’ve been loving the boho and embroidered look lately! For me, fashion should be fun, funky, and make you feel great. I live where it is crazy hot and having only this layer of flowy awesomeness made my day! Hope you all find clothing that gives you all the feels! Have a great weekend! 

Love you beauties! 


Riley Blaine


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